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Stress Management Program

Help your students learn to manage stress and anxiety in just one class period by bringing LifeAct's interactive stress management lesson to your school.  

Students will:

  • Develop a stress management plan using coping skills & stress management tools
  • Learn strategies for navigating intense emotions & anxiety
  • Receive supplemental materials to support ongoing learning regarding self-care

Designed in collaboration with University Hospital's Department of Adolescent Psychiatry, this lesson is available for grades 5-12 and aligns with social and emotional learning competencies: self-awareness and self-management. Check out the lesson plan outline here. 

With the cooperation of classroom teachers, this program is safe for virtual and hybrid learning environments and is provided at no cost by a trained LifeAct instructor. 

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Contact to bring LifeAct's stress management program to your school!


In Crisis? Text 741741 or Call 844-604-LIFE

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