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Identify struggling students, educate your student body about stress and depression, and create an environment of caring, empowered individuals with LifeAct’s universal prevention program. We’re here to become part of your network of mental health resources—let us meet this critical need for your students in grades 6-12. Programs are developmentally appropriate for both middle and high school students but deliver the same message: identifying the warning signs of suicide and depression can be life saving! 

1.2M LGBTQ youth aged 13-18 in the U.S. seriously consider death by suicide each year

50% of many mental health conditions develop by age 14

1 in 3 teens ages 13-18 have an anxiety disorder

Middle School 

High School 

The Middle School Program lays the groundwork for our high school program. Students will... 

  • identify feelings that can contribute to larger issues like depression and suicide
  • understand that talking about these issues with a trusted adult is the best way to get help
  • engage with videos, skits, and discussion in order to define the difference between stress and anxiety as well as practicing coping skills to develop resilience 

The High School Program supports social-emotional learning as students practice identifying signs of depression. Students will...

  • understand that depression may lead to suicideal ideation 
  • practice how to communicate and advocate for their own mental health of their friends and loved ones as well as identify community resources to support mental health
  • participate in skits, group work, and engaging activities in order to recognize that depression can affect anyone 

Both programs are 90-minutes in length spanning over two days and support social-emotional learning as students learn to identify signs of depression within themselves and their peers. 

LifeAct knows that early identification and intervention for students with mental health issues is the most effective way to prevent youth suicide. To address this, we incorporate a reporting process into our program. This process is comprised of information gathered from students at several points during the program, in which they can raise questions or concerns regarding the mental health of themselves or their peers. At the conclusion of the program, our instructors provide school personnel with this information so that they may connect with these students and provide them with the support they need.

House Bill 123

House Bill 123, also known as the Safety and Violence Education Students (SAVE Students) Act passed in 2021 calls for a comprehensive approach to school security and youth suicide awareness. Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, in every grade level from grades 6 through 12 and continuing each subsequent year, school districts must include at least one hour (or one standard class period) per school year of evidence-based instruction in each of the following topics:

1. Suicide awareness and prevention;

2. Safety training and violence prevention; and

3. Social inclusion

LifeAct is certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services to provided the  Signs of Suicide (SOS) program in classrooms for grades 6-12. The ODE has approved the SOS program as meeting the requirements provided for in items #1 & #2 (Suicide Awareness and Prevention and Violence Prevention) of HB123. Our instructors are all licensed Registered Applicants and have two years to receive their OCPSA (Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant) certification. LifeAct is happy to fufill the House Bill 123 requirements at your school free of cost. Learn more about enrolling your school here

I liked the fact that this program and the people in it are willing to recognize symptoms of depression and say, ‘It’s not just a phase, this is serious. This IS real!

Student at Solon Middle School

I liked that I got to hear about other people’s stressors and I realized that what I think is stressful can also be stressful for someone else. That makes me feel more normal.

Student at Solon Middle School

This program “covers a variety of topics this age group needs to hear about…I’m truly grateful that this program exists for students to hear!

Charlotte Thomas, Teacher at St. Brendan Middle School


Questions about our instructors, in-school logistics, or other specifics? See our Program FAQ’s page here or send an email to

Hear about what students and teachers say about our programs—read testimonials from this year here.

In Crisis? Text 741741 or Call 844-604-LIFE

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