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What does our Youth Advisory Board Do?

LifeAct’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a motivated group of high school students from all over Northeast Ohio that supports LifeAct in its suicide prevention work.

Members provide important input on LifeAct’s programming and marketing outreach materials. We welcome all high school students who share in our mission to help save young lives!

Here are some of the projects YAB members work on during our meetings, and throughout the year:

  • Create social media campaigns to lift the stigma around mental health, depression, and suicide
  • Execute fundraising ideas to raise money so that LifeAct can reach more students every year
  • Create fun, impactful videos to reach other young people in our community
  • Write blog posts about topics affecting young people today

Why Should You Join our Youth Advisory Board?

That’s a great question! While being a member of our Youth Advisory Board is not a significant time commitment, we do require our members to attend monthly meetings and remain engaged with the work that we’re doing throughout the year. So what do members get out of their experience?

  • Firsthand experience with the non-profit world
  • Participation in a group that can be used on college applications
  • Working on projects that can be included in a portfolio of high-quality work
  • The ability to join a group of people who share similar interests
  • Make a difference in your community—reduce the stigma around mental health, and help bring our lifesaving program to more people
  • The opportunity to have your voice heard—we all collaborate on projects that we find interesting, and LifeAct has the resources to bring your ideas to life!
  • Leadership opportunities: we have several leadership positions for highly motivated students
  • Networking: LifeAct is a well-established organization in Ohio, and we have a large network of professionals among our Board of Directors, staff, and supporters who we can connect you with for internships, informational interviews, etc. Our YAB Coordinator also writes college recommendation letters for students that participate and engage in our work,

How to Join the YAB

LifeAct is always looking for new students to join our Youth Advisory Board! We will accept new members throughout the school year on a rolling basis. Follow the link below to fill out our Google Form/Application, and we will get back to you when it gets approved.

Click Here to Apply

Before any members are allowed to participate in the group, they must fill out a commitment form, and have a parent/guardian fill out the waivers below.

If you have any questions about our Youth Advisory Board, please email 

In Crisis? Call or Text 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

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