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John Trautwein Named Keynote Speaker for LifeAct's Into the Light Walk

LifeAct is thrilled to announce that John Trautwein, founder of The Will to Live Foundation has been named the Keynote Speaker for LifeAct’s 14th Annual Into the Light™ Walk which will be held at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on Sunday, April 22, 2018. Back by popular demand, John was LifeAct’s inspirational Walk Keynote Speaker in 2013. His motivational message of hope and healing after the tragic loss of his son to suicide will surely touch and transform each and every person in the audience.

John, a former professional baseball player for the Expos and Red Sox, suffered the tragic loss of his oldest child, Will, who took his life in October of 2010. Just 15 years old, Will was a freshman in high school, and his death devastated not only the Trautwein family, but the entire North Atlanta Community.

Taking this pain and using it to prevent others from experiencing a similar loss, John and his wife Susie started a nonprofit foundation called The Will To Live Foundation to help spread the message of suicide awareness and to help teens recognize the wonderful bonds of friendship. Friendships that encourage each other find the good in life!

Since the foundation started, John has made well over 500 speeches and presentations to parents, coaches, teachers, kids and communities across America, spreading the message of “love” and “hope”. The Trautweins have turned the tragedy of losing their son into a positive message that improves the lives of “Will to Live” kids everywhere.

The Will To Live Foundation has raised over one million dollars in an effort to spread teen suicide awareness and mental health education through their positive Life Teammates platform. In 2012, John and Susie were awarded the Presidential Point of Light award for their work with The Will To Live Foundation.

In Crisis? Call or Text 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

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