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Y.A.B 2024 Scholarship Recipient

By Vicki Jeromos

Every year, LifeAct awards a $1,500 college scholarship to recognize a graduating high school senior who has actively contributed to LifeAct’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) . The recipient from the Class of 2024 has demonstrated exceptional dedication, active participation, and strong advocacy for LifeAct’s mission. The Youth Advisory Board Scholarship program has been made possible through the generous endowment gift from Edda and Terry Owen, reflecting their vision and commitment to supporting the next generation of mental health advocates.

Lucy Canterbury will attend The Ohio State University this fall, majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. While at OSU, Lucy hopes to be involved in the STEM community and raise awareness about mental health and stress battles, especially among women in STEM professions.

During her in the YAB, Lucy served as President and was involved in planning events such as the Youth Carnival. She also created and executed the new YAB Yoga Event. Regarding her experience, Lucy shared, “The YAB really gave me the opportunity to make a difference in the world of mental health. I feel like it can be so easy to have an opinion and a passion for something, but the hard part is finding a way to make a change. The YAB provided me with an outlet to pursue my passions in an impactful way. Overall, I think LifeAct’s Youth Advisory Board has been an incredible experience, and I would recommend it to anyone.”

She also expressed, “LifeAct’s YAB has been one of the most valuable opportunities throughout my high school career. Not only have I been able to pursue my passion for mental health awareness, but I have also developed strong relationships with like-minded teenagers, gained leadership experience, learned more about mental health and suicide prevention, as well as possible treatment options to offer my peers who may be struggling.”

It's clear that Lucy is passionate about making a positive impact on mental health awareness. Everyone at LifeAct is grateful to Lucy for her service, and we look forward to seeing her future contributions at The Ohio State University.

In Crisis? Call or Text 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

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