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LifeAct’s mission is to prevent youth suicide through educating middle and high school students to recognize depression and warning signs of suicide, and to access help for themselves and their friends.

Untreated mental illness lies at the root of many barriers to adolescent success and is an underlying cause of suicide. The early detection and treatment of mental illness saves young lives.

11min Every 11 minutes, someone in the US dies by suicide.

132 deaths by suicide every day in the US

50% of many mental health conditions develop by age 14

LifeAct programming is evidence based. Our partners at University Hospitals and Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital guide our curriculum development and evaluation. A 2017 research study found students who participated in the LifeAct program had significant gains in knowledge about the signs and symptoms of depression and received immediate benefits. It was proven that participation in the LifeAct program does not create risk. View poster here.

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LifeAct Connects Students to Mental Health Resources

LifeAct’s evidence-based programs for middle and high school students teach adolescents to see themselves as the “first line of defense” in recognizing depression and preventing suicide.

  • Universal prevention school-based program
  • Trained instructors create personal connections and skillfully teach challenging material
  • At-risk youth are identified and to connected to school support through our referral process
  • Empower youth to advocate for their mental health and lift the stigma of depression and suicide.

Our program is aligned with the recommendations of The Suicide Prevention Plan for Ohio 2020-2022. The Vision for this plan states Ohio will reduce the number of suicides every year until not one life is lost. LifeAct supports this vision through identifying youth at risk for suicide and connecting them to mental health resources.

View AACAP Poster

The Quality and Effective Practice Registry is a listing of successful strategies and programs across Ohio that achieve positive outcomes related to academic and social-emotional needs of K-12 students. LifeAct is proud to be a part of this registry, find the registry hereOr view our entry here.

Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services recommended training for School Safety and School Climate Programs and Trainings.

This program makes information ‘real’ and ‘relative’ to the scholars in my class. They get to see how many of their peers are also experiencing or dealing with stress and/or depression…I feel this program is very thorough in covering signs/symptoms and responses to stress, depression and suicide

Nora Wright, Teacher at Lorain High School

I liked the fact that this program and the people in it are willing to recognize symptoms of depression and say: “It’s not just a phase, this is serious, this IS real!

Student from Solon Middle School

In Crisis? Call or Text 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

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