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Founder Tim Treadway lost his son to suicide. Tim founded LifeAct (then known as Suicide Prevention Education Alliance, or SPEA) as the first new chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), now a national model. 


High School Program Founded - our first program focused on suicide prevention beginning in 2000 for high school students and still continues today

For the first 12 years of existence, LifeAct was a chapter of the research-focused American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) 

In its first decade, the organization trained more than 5,000 professionals, including teachers, school counselors, social workers, physicians, nurses, clergy, and law enforcement officers, to see the warning signs of suicide and take steps to keep children safe. In 2000, SPEA’s signature and highly effective program for high school teens was launched, Recognizing Teen Depression and Preventing Suicide.



In 2004, with input from a scientific advisory board comprised of experts from University Hospitals Case Medical Center, the organization separated from AFSP to become the Suicide Prevention Education Alliance (SPEA), an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Evidence-based evaluation of program completed with University Hospitals. UH is established as a partner available to schools for streamlined access to professional services after the LifeAct Program(s). 

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  •  SPEA rebranded to LifeAct to highlight focus on Life and Action. Current CEO Jack Binder joins the team. 
  • Middle School Program Founded: To date, more than 235,000 Northeast Ohio middle and high school teens are educated to recognize the warning signs of suicide in themselves and their peers, and to seek professional help. 
  • Establish partnership wtih PSI (Partners for Success and Innovation), an auxiliary services provider to schools, to broaden program delivery network and capacity.
  • Established partnership with FrontLine Service as a 24/7 crisis response, safety assessor, and triage support for students or school staff in the LifeAct program referral process. 

Need help? Call/Text 988 (National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline) 

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  • LifeAct named "Organization of Excellence" by state-wide Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations. 
  • LifeAct awarded "Teen Mental Health Award" by NAMI Greater Cleveland. 


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Formally recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as a state-wide program eligible for funding through Ohio School Climate Grant. 

Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Foundation awarded LifeAct state-wide Honorable Mention. 

Ohio Business Magazine awarded LifeAct state-wide Ohio Success Award. 

Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success listed LifeAct as a Quality and Effective Practice, Pocket of Excellence, and state partner. 


American Psychiatrics Association presented LifeAct with an award for advancing minority mental health. 


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LifeAct is currently proud to be certified Signs of Suicide (SOS) providers in northeast Ohio middle and high schools, which pair with our Suicide Prevention Programs.

Mind Wellness Programs founded (previously titled Stress Management), focusing on providing adults and students the tools to manage rising stress and anxiety , especially in the face of COVID-19. 

Adult Programs are established, focused on certifying adults in corporate and school settings in QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer), an emergency response to someone experiencing a crisis. 

House Bill 123, also known as the Safety and Violence Education Students (SAVE Students) Act passed in 2021 calls for a comprehensive approach to school security and youth suicide awareness. Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, in every grade level from grades 6 through 12 and continuing each subsequent year, school districts must include at least one hour (or one standard class period) per school year of evidence-based instruction in each of the following topics:
  • Suicide awareness and prevention;
  • Safety training and violence prevention; and
  • Social inclusion

LifeAct is proud to be a certified Signs of Suicide (SOS) provider, which is an approved suicide awareness program by the state of Ohio. SOS is covered in Day 1 of the Suicide Prevention Programs in either the Middle School or High School. LifeAct is happy to fulfill the House Bill 123 requirements at your school free of cost. Learn more about enrolling your school here.


LifeAct reached a record number of students served. 36,781 students received LifeAct’s programs during the 2022-2023 school year. 3,278 students were connected to school-based mental health resources in order to talk further about their mental health or with concerns for a friend or family member. Our Instructors served 172 schools spanning 18 counties in Ohio.

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In Crisis? Call or Text 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

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